Monday, October 12, 2015

Lessons from a chipmunk

This is cute.  Lovely.  Felt like having a pet like this.  Naughty and sweet.  I watched this over and over again.  And felt like there's a lot to learn from this small awesome video.

We gotta have goals.
Be focused on'em.
Road ahead is quite bumpy.
It involves dangers.
It's risky.  Take calculated risks.
Assess your risk taking capability.
Never under estimate yourself(being over confident is hazardous too).
You will lose confidence.  You will hesitate. You will back out.
But never given up.
And most importantly, don't put too much trust into people around you.  You never know when you have to regret.  Did you notice how this little fellow ran away after grabbing his food?!

Felt quite refreshing after watching this!


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Did we evolve?

According to me, the answer is a big NO.

Centuries have passed by.  This earth has seen millions of years.  Humans have evolved.  When we say 'evolved', what exactly happened.  The way of thinking changed gradually.  Mind started playing a crucial role as it provoked the species into inventing wheel and fire.  Mind taught humans about the importance of water.  People started living close to water bodies.  Man learnt to protect himself by hunting animals.  He started thinking much smarter.  From eating raw meat, he learnt to cook.  Developed a taste for food.  To what extent is he going to hunt?  For this?

Few questions:

  • You spent 55000$ for this?  Didn't you find a better way to show your pride?
  • They say you are a dentist.  Really?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Goodbyes are always painful!

She wiped my ass when I was a kid.
She used to cook the best food.  Some of my favorites are coconut chutney, dal, sambar and coconut-jaggery sweet.  Damn, my mouth started watering already...
She had an amazing sense of humor for her age.  She can be quoted as the best example for being young at heart.
She was my biggest strength in life.
I learnt a lot from her on how to be positive in life.

And she is no more.  Saddest part is not being with her during her last moments.
phew...goodbye granny!  Rest in peace!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Control nahi hota yaar

Control your thoughts and imaginations pls...

This is a big word for it is used in a country where cricket is considered as sacred as a religion.  You guessed it right. 

Board of Control for Cricket in India. BCCI should be renamed to Board for Unleashing Cricket in India coz there is no point in trying to control cricket in this country.  Khelte raho sala...leave alone galli, people are playing cricket in hostel rooms...oh damn, forget hostel rooms, cricket is played using textbooks.  I remember playing textbook cricket while the lecture was going on in the class.  
And I think I will be making a fool out of myself if I talk about IPL and other tournaments that our team participates in.

The thought of writing about control has been in my mind for a long time now.  Never spent much time on it though.  I used to meditate when I was much younger.  And I used to question a lot.
Do I have control on my thoughts (or actions) or is the destiny (or fate whatever you want to call) already decided?
The more I think the more confusing it is.  I do not have a convincing answer yet.  If you can convince me on this, please leave a comment and I will get in touch with you.  I searched a lot on internet also for answers, found some classical literature by Sir John Woodroffe and Ramana Maharshi.  Am still reading some of the downloaded pdfs...
Talking of internet...
I've been searching internet for various things last few weeks.  Need to buy medical insurance, vehicle, laptop, credit card and so on.  Internet is pretty useful, isn't it?! Access whatever you want without having to go out of your home.  The trouble comes when you lose control.  I had spent thousands of bucks on my laptop and continuing to spend on internet and it is really painful when I can't control the ads being displayed on my browser.  I mean, everything is being recorded right in front of you without your consent and there is nothing you could do about it.

Computer ke saamne bathta hoon aur control nahi kar pata hoon yaar... :(
Control your thoughts and imaginations pls...:):):)

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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Honeymoon. Period.

Type 1:
People go on honeymoon soon after getting married.

Once this honeymoon period is over, they get back to their homes, continue working in their respective jobs and get busy with routine life.  And if both husband and wife are working, the honeymoon is over.  Literally.  Period!

Type 2:
Employees usually get a honeymoon period soon after they join a new job.  Depending on the company's policies and procedures, manager, team mates,HR,... it usually takes anywhere between 10 days to a month to settle down in a new job.

(Google image)

This period is generally called as honeymoon period in a company coz once you get your computer, ID cards, access cards and desk you start getting loads of work.  So much that you get frustrated with mechanical life.  And your honeymoon period is over, yet again.  Period!

First type is something you never get bored of ;-).  I love it...who doesn't???  But the second one is really boring.  At least for me.  Am not the type of person who prefers to sit idle.  Not having anything to do is more hazardous to me.  Mind goes numb.  It is always better to have considerable load of work regularly rather than unusual loads of work at irregular intervals.

Am going through a honeymoon period now.  Don't ask me which one it is... :p

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Saturday, May 09, 2015


Not the ones we get when we are sleeping!  I ain't so intelligent to talk about'em.  This is about the dreams that we see when we are fully awake...fully conscious of ourselves...

I saw this video almost an year back...

"...y'all have to show me the fool that says: Dreams don't come true.  coz they do..."

I saw this dream 7 years back.  I only hope I won't wake up like Neo (from Matrix) and end up disappointed.  I have a lot more dreams to fulfill.  Need to work myself to make them come true.

To all those reading this, keep dreaming.  Dreams do come true but you gotta work your ass out to make them a reality.  The effort is completely worth it.  I can feel that satisfaction right now.  This moment.  It's called Triumph.


Monday, April 13, 2015

నేల రుణం నీటి రుణం

My kind request to people who can't read or understand telugu, please don't bother about the title.  Continue reading.  By the time you complete this post, you will get a fair idea of what it means.

I have a granny and she is, hhmm..., 85+ now.  My age is half the number of years she spent with her husband.  She had seen the best days of life.  Very recently, we were having a conversation over phone and she asked me when I will vacate Pune and shift back to our home town.
I must tell you.  Pune is one of the finest cities.  I shifted to Pune a little more than 5 years back.  Time just flew by.  Five years!  Never realized its been so long.
I told my granny that when it is time, Pune will kick me out and won't even offer me a single drop of water.  She was somewhat surprised at the spontaneous usage of this telugu quotation and asked me to search for opportunities in Hyderabad seriously.  She missed me.  My family missed me.  And I missed my family too.

Unknowingly, I made Pune my home.  I left this city around 10 days back and staying with my family since then.  I have loads to talk about this city but don't know where to start.  Will try to collate my thoughts here...

First things first.  People.  I love you punekars (and non-punekars also living in this city :)).  I made some of the best friends here.  Am sure I can call them any time (even after many years) and start the conversation with 'kya bey kya chal raha hai...' :)

Secondly, adrak(ginger) and elachi chai.  The best tea I ever had.
Bhau, ek cutting chaha dya...ek dam garam...acha chalo ek samosa bhi dedo...
Badly missing my fav snacks.

Third.  Hobbies.  Pune helped me develop some of the best hobbies I had so far.

I must say, I learnt to live my life!

Two cushions before escaping a foul.  Learnt playing competitive game and am very thankful for that.

Attended some of the craziest parties ever!

Started cycling (and running too) after a long long time.

Stepped into a Gurdwara for the first time in my life.  Blissful experience it is!

And my love for animals grew to next level-
Snoopy (golden retriever) and Coco (cocker spaniel).

Now that is my first 90cm jump on Scarlett.  I can never forget him.  If I know something about horses, its only because of him.  Will miss you forever boy!

On his birthday.  Isn't he looking cute with his mane braided?  See how eager he is to eat the cake!  
Very naughty boy he is!

 I only hope I can continue this hobby forever!

Reason I say that is because, I bid goodbyes to all these amazing creatures.  I left Pune.  I left my friends back.  I left some of the best hobbies back in the city and dont know if I can continue them.  My relation with Pune had ended.

I will be traveling to some other place.  Will be meeting new people.  Kind of a new life altogether!  So excited to see what life has got in store for me...

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Friday, March 06, 2015

Second Chance

Am writing a post after 2.5years!
People say that its very difficult to get a second chance.  This is a second chance to my blog.  Starting the second innings with a colorful smile on a Holi Holy day.

Planning to make the most of it and keep my blog more interactive.  Let's see how it goes.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rewind or Fastfoward or Pause(play is inherent)

Some time during Jan or Feb 2006.
College annual day celebrations were about to begin and we got an announcement.  For the first time in the history of the college, the cultural committee planned for a competition among different specializations.  The winner would be felicitated with the title-Czar of College.  Myself and my best buddy(Vijay) were choosen to represent Information Technology(one of the many specializations).  I was little nervous coz I rarely participated in such competitions but I took this one(may be because Vijay was with me then).  Two participants from each specialization were called on to the stage to answer one question from the judges.  There is no second question.  No second chance.  The trick is, the participants were given 10secs each to decide their answer.

The whole college witnessed the event.

It was our turn.

Host:  Assuming your life as a music player with rewind, forward and pause buttons, which button would you choose?  As a rule, you have 10secs to think before answering and your time starts now.


Vijay to me: Lets say 'play'(tick...tick...tick...)
My response to Vijay: No wait.  Pause is a better option(tick...tick...)
Both of us agreed on 'Pause'.

Host: Time up.  Your answer is...
Myself: Our answer is "PAUSE".

Host: Why so?  Why not 'play'?
Myself: Of all the animals in this creation, humans are the only ones with capability to think before acting.  Even the competition has a rule to think for 10secs before answering.  Hence the answer.  And of course, the second action/answer is 'play'.

The whole college burst out in applause.

This is one of the most memorable moments from my college life(there are too many to share).
The question got engraved in my mind.

If I have a option to rewind and re-experience the events in my life, would I really want to relive them?  If yes, which part of my life would I like to relive?  It means, not all of'em are worth living again.
Definitely not.  I wish to have a fastforward too.  Actually fastforward is a better option.  We can finish off our lives quickly(both good and bad times) and reach the conclusion faster.
Its actually a matter of huge confusion.

The bitter truth that everybody knows is, there is neither a rewind nor a fastforward button.
Its all a mind game.

I stopped thinking.  I am only bothered about today.  This moment.  I am no saint but...

Thank you Master Oogway!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Game of balls and sticks(and holes ofcourse)

Its a well known game where
* Long sticks are preferred.
* Balls are an important part of the game.  No fun without them(mark my words).
* Holes are the targets.
* You got to bend down to achieve target.
* The satisfaction you get when you hit the target with a kadak shot(meaning a straight and hard shot) is nothing short of ecstasy.
* You can use both your hands(best chance to show off your skills of being ambidextrous though you may not be one).
* Room for a lot of creativity.  Think of your own angles and positions.
* The surface should be even and covered with a clean and soft cloth.  People, sometimes get adjusted to uneven surfaces and torn cloth too.  But its not so comfortable.
* You need apply something to the tip of the stick to keep it ready whenever required.
* Best medicine for stress.  You come out of office after a long tiring day with so much of rust in your mind and you sure feel like relaxing your mind with some nice activity.  And this is the best chimney to vent off your uneasiness/frustration/...
* Needless to say, the best physical exercise.  And as it is, you get a sound sleep after your body and mind gets what they needed.
* Most important, it is great fun for the players involved.
* Best way to call it a day after having couple of rounds of this game.  

I can sense a naughty smile on your faces.  ;););)

I hope the pic says it all!
Keep smiling friends! :):):)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beautiful Darkness

14 July 2012; Saturday
My sun rises at around 8.30AM on Saturdays unless there is an emergency.  Not because I booze and sleep out of hangover but I wake up late.  I just lie-down on the bed and enjoy being lazy once a week.  I can't afford to be like this on Sundays coz I have to hurry up for MBA classes that start sharp at 9.00AM.  Our professors crack this joke of being more committed to this MBA program more than anything else in this world.  Fortunately or unfortunately, many of my friends(including myself) in this course are as committed as the joke goes.
Anyways, on 14th, I woke up at 4.15AM.  And rushed to office.  Am not on official duty but we planned for another trek.  This time its a dense forest.  I had no clue about the actual place(google didn't reveal enough information and that is one more reason to put this on my blog :))
We were again a group of 50 and this time we went to a place called Andharban valley('Andhar' in Marathi means dark and 'ban' means forest).

Waited on the highway for breakfast -

Reached the starting point at around 8.30AM -

That is Ashish(guy with cap) and Lalit.  My snooker buddies.

We needed some clarifications about the exact path to take and waited here for few mins trying to get the correct directions.  Within minutes, it started raining and none of us were bothered(why would we??? after all, we went there to enjoy the nature and we got wet at the beginning itself :))

I don't have enough words to explain how awesome this experience was -

I think I will buy a personal diary.  I get so many thoughts while on the move.  I remember my blog very often these days.  

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mother's lap

That is how I want to quote my experience with Sandhan valley.
Its a trekking spot close to a village called 'Samrad' located around 230kms towards west of Pune.  We took a bus on 8th(Friday) midnight around 11.30PM.  Reached Samrad on 9th(Saturay) at 7.30AM.  Curse my routine...I can't speak a word properly without cleaning my mouth early morning.  The moment I got down the bus, I rushed into this house and asked for some water to start my rituals :)  Thanks to these people.  They offered me a bucket full of water...lolz :)

As can be seen in the pic, it was full of clouds(yes you read it right).  The village is at an altitude above sea level (I dont know the exact dimensions).  Awesome weather.  We expected it to be hot that day and took very little gear with us.  We started shivering slowly.  In that cold, we had nice idli with awesome chutney.

The organizer, Koustubh Pathak, took a quick attendance(we were 50 in number and it is important), introduced the 3 organizers and asked us to follow them.  We stood at the starting point of the valley and then started the ghoshna -

maharaj gobrahmana pratipaalaka proudha pratapa purandara kshatreeya kulavatamsa simhasanadheeswara rajadhiraja maharaj siva chatrapati maharaj ki JAI

All the 50 of us screamed at the top of our voices.

Most of the hills(in Western ghats) covering Mumbai and Pune were conquered by Sri Chatrapati Sivaji Maharaj.
Staying in Pune for the last 2.5years, watching his bronze statues in every alternate corner of the streets, witnessing his birthday celebrations celebrated with a lot of energy, I must stay, I could see the descendants of the kingdom of the glorious Chatrapati Sivaji Maharaj here(no exaggeration).  I got goosebumps.
And then we started entering the valley.

This is my second trek.  First one was to Bhairavgad.  Bhairavgad was hill and it is expected to be a difficult one.  This is different.  Its not a hill/cliff.  Its a valley...a very narrow path between two huge hills.

It doesn't seem very tough but believe me, you cannot lift you head a little and take a step forward.  By the time you realize you stepped on a lose rock, you might've lost two teeth :)

Taking a break with Monil and other fellow trekkers-

(To all those who dont know me, am with the backpack)

Oh man.  Monil is fat but kudos to his stamina.  He is a professional trekker.  I realized...being fat doesn't mean you are a dumbo...

The valley was so full with rocks of different sizes and shapes(does it sound childish??? may be yes but I dont have words to explain how beautiful they were...:))

There were surprises too -


and this

Its not just one.  They are there everywhere around you.  Especially in the crevices that you want to use as a support.  Interesting part is, it was great fun looking at these in their own natural habitat.

This is the end point of our trek.  We had some snacks, refreshments and started our journey back.

Last year, for some stupid reasons, I missed a trek to fort close to pune.  I was so stupid.  I decided not to miss any of them now.
I don't want to miss the fun of enjoying the beauty of nature.  I had a great weekend.
I played in the lap of mother nature.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Life(as I see it)

Sunday evening around 7.00PM.
Was bored and thinking what to do.  Was driving aimlessly on the city roads.  Almost reached my place and thought of going to Amanora shopping mall just to pass the time...was least interested to shop anything...There was too much of crowd as it was a Sunday a very dull mood, i parked my bike, went through the security check and entered the mall...everyone was busy with their own attitude filled faces(including myself ;)) moving busily here and there...only difference is I was too lazy to move quickly...was dragging my feet at snail's kind of regular visitor to this mall but this time, there was something different that caught my attention.  Felt like the lazy me suddenly drank a chilled redbull.  Here is the reason(click on the pics for larger image) -

AH! My ends are met!
(The person in the pic was smiling happily looking at the prawns/fish or whatever they are...)

Why mock them? We all wear masks.

Such a romantic couple...WOW! ;)

I don't need a marble/granite flooring!


Struggle for existence

Why can't I play with my kid all time??? Am a mother damn it!

I don't have a qualification/degree and I don't need one!

adidas what???

Credit goes to Sandesh Bhandare for the pics.  He is the original photographer of these.  
I just added the comments :)
Though am not into photography, I wish I had my camera with me.  I clicked these with my phone.  These pics filled so much energy in me that I wanted to write essays about these pics sitting in the mall.  For now, am settling with captions.  :)

And my week ended with Life!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Death...

I wanted to write about this for long coz I have seen enough of'em now...
My friend passed away recently!  Youngest death I've seen so far.  We were class mates in 11th and 12th standard.  It seems he died of bone marrow...not sure if it is a cancer...but it was a painful news!  I couldn't digest the fact.  It took a while to settle down.  I was imagining the grief of his parents.  How tough would it be?!

We lame bodies talk non-sense...don't worry!  Rest in Peace My dear!

During the initial days of 3idiots' release, I had an argument with someone regarding the suicide of Joy.  He argued that 'virus' is the reason for the death.  I couldn't understand.  I replied.  Is that so?  What's wrong in 'virus' not giving an extension??? Why couldn't Joy wait for another year?  Is that such a big reason to commit suicide?  Is this what we are learning?  There are so many IITians and IIM students committing suicides these days.  Such a horrible situation we are in!

Death should be the only reason for being sad.  It is never a solution for any problem and no problem other than death is so big that you should crib.
In fact, a person should learn to overcome the problems caused by someone's death.  A person should learn to live in the absence of anyone.  A person should learn to live after the death of anyone.  Be it anyone...parents...spouse...children...friends...relatives!  I know it is easy said than done but...

How uncertain are our lives!  We never know when the time would come!
OK...not so good a post but like I said, I wanted to write about this....I may write again....a much better one this time...for now, just chill and take a look at this -

I simply loved this song!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Its a beach near Pune.  Around 185kms from the place I stay.
I went to this place last weekend with my team in office.  Its a team event sponsored by the company I work for.  We go out with family for such events periodically(as and when budget is allocated for such events).
We started at 7.00AM on Saturday(14th).  I arranged the snacks and water for the onward journey.  With the roads that were, it was more like a roller coaster ride for us.  By the time we reached the beach resort, it was around 3.00PM.

This is the view from my room.  I think I don't have to explain how pleasant that was.

We quickly grabbed some food, took a nap and went for the beach.  There were few 'first time' things that happened-
1.  I did not go into water(didn't even wet my feet) this time.  The sand was so fine and dry.  It was not sticky like other beaches that I saw.  The cool breeze was so relaxing that I walked along the beach experiencing the beauty of nature.

2.  The beach was least polluted. lolz :)
3.  Saw dolphins live in action.  Yes.  I did.  I woke up the next day at 6.30AM only for this.  Everyone else in the team were dozing off when I left the hotel.  I took the first boat available.  WOW! Its a wonderful experience to see the sexy birds of sea(thats what I want to call dolphins ;)) live in action.  Sorry I dont have pics coz they don't come out of water to give a pose for the lens and neither am I a wildlife photographer :).

It was a fantastic evening.  Sitting on the beach with no one to disturb...listening to the sound of waves...watching the sun hide himself behind the seas....a feeling in itself!

Our Sunday gave us a experience of fun mixed with adventure.  We hired a boat and went to a fort located on a small island in the Arabian sea.

It took around 1hour for us to walk around the circumference of the fort.  Its huge...very huge!  Some of them gave up and went back to the boat.

Wonder how many lives this canon might've many centuries this might've seen!!!

Thats me on the fort.

Now ain't that cool?!...I know it is! :)

And by the way, that is my best #24 LA Lakers - Kobe Bryant little upset that its getting worn out...time to buy another one...
And then there is the fantastic team -

On our way back, we figured out a better road and had a good drive!
Reached Pune on Sunday 11.00PM

A very eventful event!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Celebrating a birthday!

Sometime during my 11th I remember, I met with some incidents that made me little(ok, a little more than little) philosophical.
I was going to college and found this function hall decorated so well that I thought it would be a wedding function of a MLA/MP.  I was rather surprised after knowing that it was for a birthday party.  I started to think about it.  Are birthdays really meant for celebration in the first place?  What exactly is the reason for celebrating a birthday? Or why should a birthday be celebrated at all?  A person coming to this earth.  Is it such a big deal to celebrate???  Every creature will have a birthday, including plants.  So, why should we celebrate this day?

I didn't find a real answer.  I stopped celebrating my birthday.  I thought I will celebrate after I achieve something significant.  I achieved.  I achieved enough to celebrate (I will not quote my achievements here coz this is not my performance appraisal :P).  But now, after having a fulfilling life, I somehow don't feel like celebrating.  May be am used to this.  Or may be not.
I celebrated last 2weeks in a great way.  I had a damn good vacation.  I spent all my holiday with my family.  It went on so well.  I went to my home town after a long gap of 6months.  Enjoyed food to the max.  Went on long drives.  Had a great time in Haailand.  Exciting part is my parents also took part in this.  Though my dad had hydrophobia, we encouraged him to enter into the wave pool.  Within no time, he felt comfortable with water.  My mom swam with the help of a rope.  It was fun at its peak.
One exceptional and unplanned thing that happened was the darshan of Kanchi kamakoti peetha Sankaracarya Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamy.

Though he is no more in his physical form, his devotees could literally feel his presence.  Blessed are the ones who prepared this statue(I lose myself explaining about Swamyji.  So...will stop it here).

10Dec is my birthday.  My parents and sisters wished me.  Though I didnt celebrate in a literal sense, I had a great day.  Came to office.  Cut the cake and took my quota of bday bumps.  This is a tradition in office and nobody can escape.  All this happened as a routine.  So why am I writing all this now???
My manager just came down to my desk and gave me a gift voucher wishing me again.  It seems that it is a policy too and got delayed for some reasons.  Doesn't matter.  Am surprised with this.  And I like surprises you know!!  I stopped finding reasons to celebrate.  Now, I celebrate whenever I feel like.
Am celebrating now!! I will go to a good restaurant and have a great dinner!! :)

Bye for now!  Have a great night...sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite!! hahaha my childhood rhyme! :)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...this too shall pass...

I was putting a comment to 'Somebody that I used to know' and came up with this phrase "This too shall pass".  This is not my own.  I remember seeing this on the back of a car while driving to office some time back and for some reasons, this got etched on my mind. 
I put this as my FB status and here is a quick recollection of comments that I got from my friends -

Vijay:  What happened dude???
Me: Nothing rey...saw this on a car today...
Sashank:  what shall pass??
Me:  Nothing nothing...or a way, it means that nothing is permanent...everything is bound to end some day...
Sashank: nuvvu maravuraa...nuvvu naaku assalu ardham kavu...
( wont change...i can never understand you...)
I should tell you, Sashank is a very humourous guy and one of my best buddies :)

Jokes apart, this statement made so much sense to me.  Seriously.  Its such a small statement with so much of meaning.

The earth has been revolving and rotating since millions of years.  We are just a speck in this whole creation.  Nothing changed(except few astrological dimensions that doesnt bother our living).  The only constant things happening on this surface are birth and death and nothing else.  Every thing else seems to pass by no matter what.  Either you do it or you dont, it didn't matter much.
This also makes me recollect the title of the blog.  Nothing seems real except birth and death.  All the events/incidents are just happening.  And we are a part of them, playing our role without knowing the end result.
A lot has happened without our intervention and a lot will continue to happen in our absence.  Who are we to bother/worry about all this??? But then since human beings are totally and badly dependent on their emotions or thought process, what makes difference is being happy or sad.  That said, its important to be happy. 
Its more important to define happiness.  Its important to realize that our happiness doesnt depend on other people or emotions or things.  Its important to realize the fact that happiness lies inside ourselves.  It all depends on how well we understand and nurture it.  This makes me remember a dialogue from Kung Fu Panda.  Master Shifu meditating 'inner peace in...ner peace innn...nneeer peace...' :):):) 
Such a funny movie with such a meaningful dialogue.  Another master piece from this movie is 'there are no accidents' by Master Oogway.  Makes so much sense to me. 

PS:  The dots before and after the title is to represent the title itself :)

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Celebrations unlimited

Am from Andhra Pradesh, a place where holi is not a very important festival like dasara or diwali.  And hence not celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.  Very few people roam on the streets with colors on their faces and thats the end of the story.
Couple of years back, I remember surprising my cousin(Bharadwaj) with holi colors in his own place.  That was a great evening.  I had a great time with my wife, my brother, bhabhi, kids and all.

This was the only time that I remember celebrating holi.

I moved to Pune couple of years back but again, because of my roots, I didnt enjoy much on holi.

This year, it was different.
I woke up at 7.20AM.  Studied for my upcoming exams for 2hrs.  Started feeling hungry early in the morning.  So, got ready quickly and went out to grab some breakfast.  Below are pics that I captured on my way to the hotel...
Guys in the below pic are my office mates.  They forced me into the 'holi-play'.  Though it was very tempting, I reminded myself of the MBA exams and told them not to drag me into holi this time.  Good guys.  They just put a 'tikka' on my forehead, hugged me and wished me holi.

 Magarpatta city arranged holi celebrations in the gymkhana ground.  Below are few more pics that I quickly captured while walking -

 I was standing in a corner watching all the celebration.  It was so tempting to join the crowd.  I was just about to leave when my dearest buddy Yogesh came from back and dumped two fists full of color on my head.  His cousin took his turn and rubbed some more color on my face.  I didnt had a chance to look at the people doing all this(forget about stopping them from putting color).  Thats it.  I left my backpack with the security guards in an adjoining apartment, asked them to keep an eye on it for a while and joined the crowd.
Myself, Yogesh and his cousin blindly went into the crowd with fun-filled moods dancing like mad people for songs starting from chikni-chameli, appadi podu, munni, shiela, ...(list goes on and on and on).  There were so many people around screaming our names and wishing holy.  To our surprise, they were all our office mates with totally colored faces.  It took a while to recognize each one of them but nobody was bothered.  We had such a great time.  Seriously.

Lucky to shoot this.
End result:
I went home only to check that my wallet(and all the money, cards,...) are soaked up.  
It was hellova celebration this time.

There is only one way to say this:
!!!Am waiting for next HOLI!!!

P.S: Got to study for my exams now.

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