Wednesday, November 29, 2006

god, bless me

since when did god started blessing the people who
set up huge sound boxes on streets and disturb other's peace???!!!
make a fuss with movie songs on the name of god???!!!!!!

damn it. got irritated early in the morning waiting in the bus stop, unable to bare those idiotic sounds.....grrrrrrr


Monday, November 13, 2006

hyderabad is short

its almost 4 months since i shifted to hyderabad from guntur(my hometown). i was told that hyderabad is vast when compared with any other city in andhra pradesh. i was told that i would get whatever i ask for. am sorry but i did not find a mirchi bajji that is atleast near to the taste that we get in guntur. hyderabad is short of my love, my only love-MIRCHI BAJJI

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Digital Dreamzz

I was sitting in front of a big flat screen panels(around 20 in number), monitoring the processes going on in the TRANSLTR. TRANSLTR was a machine used to decode all the mails that ran through critical american servers to find out any terrorist activity going on around.For a moment, I felt the chill in my blood as I saw the timer of TRANSLTR running for the past 16 continuous hours on a single process. As the head of the NSA(National Security Agency, USA), am supposed to report to the American Government about the status of TRANSLTR. I processed TRANSLTR with all sorts of virus checks and firewall upgradations but in vain. A sudden crackling sound made me to turn back. I woke up to see the alarm ringing as the time showed 06.30
Result of reading Digital Fortress till 23.45

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colorful evening

The punjabi couples were dressed colorfully according to their traditional attire with also two 'not too long' sticks in their hands waving rythmically following the music.
Just a few feet beside them were the rajasthani couples dressed and decorated in their own tradition with same length sticks doing similar movements.
I figured out the keralites dressed in the onam tradition and dancing to the same music.
The andhrawalas dressed in the best way were doing the best dance to the same music with their own pair of sticks.
I simply enjoyed the evening with the feeling of unity in diversity.
I felt the presence of culture and tradition my homeland and my company possesses.
YES. Am talking about the dandiya competition that happened the previous day in our company - CONVERGYS.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

my first blog

wanna start my first blog with an intro as we do it in sanskrit.
here it goes...
chatussagaraparyantam gobrahmanebhya subham bhavatu bhargava, chavana, ourya, aplovana, jamadagni pancharushe srivastasa gotraha pravaranvita apasthambha sutra krishna yajussakhadhayi venkata gurunaga pavan mallikarjuna hari vatsava sarman ahambho abhivadaye...

I, Venkata Gurunaga Pavana Mallikarjuna Hari Vatsava Sarma, with srivatsava as my gotram, with the sages bhargava, chavana, ourya, aplovana, jamadagni as my origins, following krishna yajurvedam, express my humble namaste to all of you.

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