Monday, November 06, 2006

Digital Dreamzz

I was sitting in front of a big flat screen panels(around 20 in number), monitoring the processes going on in the TRANSLTR. TRANSLTR was a machine used to decode all the mails that ran through critical american servers to find out any terrorist activity going on around.For a moment, I felt the chill in my blood as I saw the timer of TRANSLTR running for the past 16 continuous hours on a single process. As the head of the NSA(National Security Agency, USA), am supposed to report to the American Government about the status of TRANSLTR. I processed TRANSLTR with all sorts of virus checks and firewall upgradations but in vain. A sudden crackling sound made me to turn back. I woke up to see the alarm ringing as the time showed 06.30
Result of reading Digital Fortress till 23.45

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