Tuesday, April 10, 2007

crack it

Imagine how it would have been if Indian cricket fans didnt respond in the way they did after the loss in world cup. How would it be if cricket is treated in the same way as hockey is being treated? I guess that is the correct treatment the game needs. Indian hockey team and cricket team are in the same state as far as form and expertise is concerned. But why does cricket have that extra bit of concentration? Why cant the cricket 'fans' stay cool when the team loses a match? Hockey stars like dhanraj pillai and gagan ajith singh make the opponents piss off the ground. They are in no way less to sachin or dravid when experience and expertise is considered. Let there be no appreciation and criticism. Let the team stay unnoticed even after a world cup win or loss in a local match. That gives a better picture than how the situation is right now. A game is a game and nothing else.

Ads already started for the next world cup, am not sure if it is in 2011(phir ayega INDIA, I guess its from PEPSI).
3/4 time is alloted to Indian cricket team and BCCI discussions in the NEWS.
What the f*** is happening?

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