Monday, June 25, 2007


1 year back till this day, i was free. without any tension, without any responsibility. just used to go to college and back home. i was never questioned by my parents even for any nasty thing i did. then started struggle.
entered the world of software. joined convergys last year same day. ofcourse with a lot of learning and value addition to my life, i started taking some responsibilites and obviously little warnings for some silly things. started participating in meetings, enjoying weekend parties and lunch sessions. now my company wants to me to take moreresponsibility. YES. they want me to be an ASSOCIATE ANALYST and not a TRAINEE any more. A leap from kid to child in telecom domain. alright friends, let me share my happiness on promotion from a trainee to associate analyst here at convergys. so congrats to me...:)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I have been watching NBA for the past 4 yrs. The first season was won by detroit pistons by beating los angeles lakers. The next season, san antonio spurs by beating detroit pistons. The next, miami heat by beating dallas mavericks. This year its once again spurs beating cleveland cavaliers.
This sport is played in the USA with a total of 30 teams divided into 2 parts(eastern conference and western conference). Its like pools that we have in ICC worldcup. NBA season starts sometime during 1st week of november every year. League matches go on among the two groups and 8 teams from each group will be selected for the next round called playoffs. 4 teams from each conference are filtered out for conference semis. And among these two teams from each conf are filtered out for conf finals. Then starts the FINALS. Between the eastern conference finalists and western conference finalists. A total of 7 games will be played to decide the NBA champion of the season. And the nba season ends during mid june.

The losing teams studies the strategies of winning teams in such a way that the losers of current year will in no way be defeated by the same competitor again in the coming season.(they never follow the same strategies but prepare the counters).The time that they have to analyze the opponents strategies and building new strategies against them is hardly 5 months. Most of the time you won't see the same team winning the title in consecutive year.

Can't this scenario happen with cricket in our country?
We have 3 yrs to make a team and plan the strategies to defeat very few teams and to win a title.
Why are we still failing?

P.S.: No doubt that USA might have started preparing a team for ICC world cup next time. And its no surprise even if they win it within no time.

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