Thursday, August 23, 2007

spreading cyber-a-bad

I saw a big hoarding on my way to office this morning. It is about independent villas being constructed near an area called kukatpally in Hyderabad. Though I am not very interested in buying one, I just rang up to enquire the price (just to have an idea of real estate in this place). After the phone call, I was so surprised that I thought of writing a blog on this.
A house that was sold for 30 lakhs around 3 years ago is now costing around 1.6crore.
I wonder what made Hyderabad such a costly place in a period of 3 years. Obviously, the reason would be sprouting software companies and increasing employment.

Leave alone real estate. For that matter, each and every commodity became costlier in this 3 year period. For admission into a Pre-school, one has to pay a donation of at least 50k(I finished my graduation with this amount). People say that technology should be spread across far reaching corners of India-villages. GOD. I can see a number of hills in Hyderabad being cleared away for constructing new buildings to accommodate software companies. Doesn’t this impact the ecological balance and contribute to global warming? I am not sure. And now what happens to the most beautiful and peaceful part of Andhra Pradesh, the konaseema and nearby villages? Please keep them aloof from this technology. I don’t want the greenery in those to be washed by the IT parks and software complexes. I don't want a hike in the cost of living in those areas at least. I don't know if this will effect the overall development of the country but would definitely make the life of people in those areas more and more miserable.

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