Sunday, September 23, 2007

2 things

There are two important things that I would change if given a chance.

1. Ban the use of national flags in cricket stadiums.
Actually, I love the feel of being a citizen of India. The very thought makes me feel like being blessed. At the same time, when I see the Indian flags in distorted shapes and colors and used on shirts and trousers of the crazy Indian cricket fans, I lose my temper and get infuriated. There is no point in using national flags for representing their joy and happiness. It would be better if BCCI
introduces their own flag with its symbol on it to be used by the cricket fans in the stadiums.

2. In order to reduce the growth of population in India-there should be some tax imposed on those who go for a second child in a family.
There are countries that pay their citizens if they have more number of children. If such measures are taken to increase the population, why not we take a serious action against those who cause the population growth. Actually, I dont see a single RTC bus with a vacant seat in Hyderabad(take any route, any time). There wont be a single bus without people hanging out of it. Also, if you start analyzing the most burning problems in India, the root cause of all of them leads to increasing population. In a situation like this, I dont think there is anything wrong in what I said above.

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