Sunday, October 21, 2007

Traditions Endangered?

I was introduced to this mystic world on may 10th 1999. As a beginner, though I did not understand the in and out of it, I just followed what I was taught and instructed to do. Its just my trust and respect towards my predecessors that made me to follow their path blindly. I exactly dont remember when, but yes, I realized that this path has a lot to explore. Well, guys, am talking about the sacred thread ceremony. I strictly used to follow the procedures. Used to do 'sandhyavandanam' twice a day. Am presently not following these as there are some constraints that I am not able to meet right now. There is a telugu saying that opposes chanting 'mantras'. It goes this way

'mantralaku chintakayalu ralataya?'

Meaning: Does fruits fall for chanting a mantra?
I exactly dont know the answer to this question. But there is onething to be understood. For all logical and scientific questions, the present generation may not be able to give complete answers. But I feel blessed and fortunate as I could atleast learn my daily duties, rituals and traditions from my parents and grand parents.Now, if my next generation questions me about the culture and traditional background, Thank God, I have an answer. My family traditions are not ending with me. I am not gonna leave them till my last breath. Let me be very clear with this. This is not about putting ash and vermilion mark on the foreheads. Confine these things outer show marks to the four walls and when you are out of these, just be a social animal.

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