Friday, November 30, 2007

'FL'ying experience

Last couple of weeks, I have been a bit busy with my visa processing for US onsite assignment. I had to stay back in the office late hours to work with US guys asking for the documents they need for filing L1 visa, faxing the necessary documents signed by me alongwith manager's approval and bullshit stuff. Finally, after successfully completing the visa processing, recieving the necessary documents from my office, I was completely set to go for the visa interview on Nov 15. man...believe me or not, I experienced one of the worst situations in my life on this day. My company did not provide me one of the necessary documents to be submitted in the US embassy and it was a big mess up on chennai streets. I somehow managed to get the interview done successfully and flew on Nov 24 saturday early morning 3.30. I remembered the telugu movie Khushi while waiting for the announcement of my flight in the airport. My sister and brother-in-law accompained me to the airport. All of a sudden my sister Sameera, started crying. I couldnt react in that situation. I didnt knew what to say. can ladies be so sentimental? still, I like it. I love you my two sisters(my first elder sis Sarvani and second elder sis Sameera). You both are my strenghts. Anyways, I successfully landed in the US. Believe me guys, it used to be my fantasy to travel by flight on a long distance and this is in a way tooo long for me. The journey was damn fuckingly boring. Couldnt sit for 20 long hours. Though there is entertainment and stuff, I didnt like it. The very thought that I have to do that travel one more time(to return to Mother India) makes me down.And the reason why I am writing all this is, friends, please please excuse me, if I missed to inform any one of you about my onsite assignment. Am gonna stay in sanford, FL for 4 months. Will return during the end of march08. So, good luck to me...!:)

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Blogger S Narendra said...

ya good luck buddy...why don't u ask ur company to book a ticket for u on the jet airways nonstop flight on ur return trip...ya it will cost more...but employee happiness counts first..isnt it...

December 3, 2007 at 11:47 PM  
Blogger hari said...

haha...good idea but employee satisfaction is considered only for senior managers and above...for programmers/analysts they dont even think abt such things. getting an offer is the only thing to cheer about nowadays, and no question about selecting the airlines, class of travel...:(

December 4, 2007 at 5:41 PM  

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