Thursday, December 18, 2008

Failure of Indian sportsmanship

I am concerned about the media publicizing the news of Sachin's recent knock against the England team which led the Indian team to a historic win in the first test match. I still do not understand the reason behind the press for not paying enough concentration on other sports(which are more important than cricket in the current day scenario). The very same day when Indian cricket team registered win against England, the Indian under-21 hockey team clinched the series against Argentina which deserves the first page headline. Unfortunately, the latter news could gain a small two-sentence news on the last page top corner. I am not against cricket or Sachin Tendulkar but an achievement should be given proper recognition and respect no matter what. There is no use in declaring hockey as a national sport without giving proper importance to it.

Both media and government once again failed to encourage and appreciate our actual champions.(does this also relate to the recent Mumbai terror attacks?!!!)

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