Thursday, July 09, 2009

Should it be MuJic?

I still remember the day I first listened to your song-Dangerous. I didn't knew that your music was so 'dangerous' that I got addicted to it so 'bad'ly. Its been more than 10years since that day and I had many memories(both good and bad) listening to your songs.
I used to fight with my dad asking for money to buy your records(each cassette costed more than Rs.100) and it was treated as a costly purchase during those days. I prefered fighting than giving up buying your music. This taste of mine was totally different to that of my mom's(she always liked Indian carnatic music). I could somehow manage to steal the cassette player from her. My room used to be full with your posters. I still have a lot of your pictures, posters and ofcourse not to mention all your albums, videos and music with me. I remember waiting to see your 'stamp size' picture in news papers.
Many of my friends and relatives treated this as a 'typical' taste but I didn't care because I know that I am liking the best. The best of all time.
I didnt realize that I had to hear this news so soon.
Your dedication and involvement in music and dance is matchless. Thank you very much for such a good music and 'trade marked' dance. This earth cannot see another Michael Jackson.
I will not say a 'Good bye' as you will always stay in my music rack...

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