Thursday, October 22, 2009


With few districts in the state completely immersed in water due to floods, this post has nothing to talk about contribution towards the relief fund. But this is about contribution to corruption in my country.

Very recently, I missed my train. I reached the railway station late by 10minutes and train was catching up by right time...Unfortunately, I got stuck in traffic couldn't make it...

I walked straight to the reservation counter with a hope to get a current ticket booked for some other train to reach my home town. I realized that bad luck chased me very badly that day. Reservations were blocked for couple of trains. There is just one train left waiting for me. Though there is vacancy in that train, I didn't had enough cash to buy a ticket(credit card was not accepted due to technical problems).

I met my cousin in the railway station and borrowed some cash from her but by the time I returned to the reservation counter, I was told that the reservation for that train is also blocked.

I took a deep breath and boarded the train with a blind belief that I will somehow reach my city. Luck favored me suddenly and the ticket verification officer offered me 'help' after taking a token of Rs.500. I didn't had an option and accepted his humble offer and contributed to corruption...

I cannot justify whether this is right or wrong...there is vacancy in the train...I HAVE travel and I have money to pay...officer has the authority to kick me off the compartment or he can accept my 'token' and allow me to travel...

By the way, I contributed my best to the flood effected areas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knows if some passengers from subsequent stops had cancelled their tickets "After the current reservation was closed".

And you were lucky enough to meet your cousin.... or else.. this blog would have been very different.

- Sundar

December 16, 2009 at 9:42 AM  

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