Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fantastic 420

I moved to hyderabad more than 3years back and am staying in a double bedroom flat since then. It has become one of my ambitions/dream/goal to own a new flat in hyderabad. I started browsing internet to find out a good apartment complex. After searching for abt a couple of hours, I got pissed off looking at the 'match-box' type flats and rocketing prices, I shut the system down. I stretched back in chair, closed my eyes and started memorizing my childhood.

It used to be a 420 sq yrds, 8 room bungalow. It had a wide outer space enough for abt 50 people to sit and dine at a time. We(myself and my two elder sisters) used to play so much in and around the house running...we used to have places to play hide-n-seek, used to sleep on the terrace in summer, staring at the clear sky and looking into the stars... Ah! those good olden days...

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