Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mankind is not so kind

These are some of the pictures from my recent visit to 'Taman Safari' in Indonesia.-

Isn't the bird beautiful??
Who doesn't like to have a pic like this?? I do and I simply loved it!!
Take a look at these-

Am sure looking at these, your adrenaline pumps up. I was damn excited while having these clicked. But after going back home and checking these, I could feel a change in my excitement.
I seriously pity these animals. Poor fellows!!. They are supposed to be cruel in nature than humans but things changed. They are drugged totally. They are mere 'soft toys' without their true nature. Man is such a cruel animal on this planet. He doesn't want any other species to survive. Damn it!!!
I seriously didnt understand the necessity to torture these animals by giving them drugs and using them for earning money. Come on guys!!! There is a limit to find ways of earning money.
Yes this post is contradictory. I gave money and contributed to cruelty and its the same me who is writing this post.
I changed!! Atleaset from now on, I will not support these type of activities!!

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Blogger Neha Mehta said...

Agreed .. that the cruelest species is Human only ..! Good realization.

December 29, 2010 at 9:07 PM  

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