Tuesday, February 22, 2011


With my new mobile in hand, I feel little proud for holding a very sophisticated technology. I felt so attached with it within few days of buying that I can't imagine staying away from it for long time. Same is the case with many of my belongings like my 1yr old LCD TV, my bike and almost all the facilities I acquired in the recent past. They made my life so easy and comfortable. Wow! Thanks to technology.

The reason for writing this post is simple. I see too many gadgets around me that are technically more advanced and provide even better facilities. But I somehow felt the satisfaction of 'owning' the things that I really wanted. May be because I did enough research before deciding what I really wanted.

So far in life, I must say that I am lucky enough to have everything that makes life happy and easy to live.

I was sitting idle last night and thinking about all these things around me and felt a chill inside me. I suddenly remembered 'The Great' whose last wish was to keep his hands out of his coffin before the last rites.
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