Sunday, November 27, 2011

The call from Kanhayya!

How the hell did I forget to write about this! My friend reminded me that i didnt update my blog lately and then that I realized I missed a very important post.
The call from Kanhayya!
A little more than 2yrs back, I took a vow that I will visit the temple of chinni krishnayya(Temple of Guruvayoor). Giving reasons for not visiting the temple would be so stupid on my part. I didnt plan. I didn’t put sincere effort. And then, I was totally lost with work in office and life. As a part of career improvement, I planned to pursue MBA after gaining significant experience in understanding the nuances of world of business. I happened to see an advertisement by a well reputed B-school in India offering admissions in executive MBA for working professionals. I was lucky enough to meet the pre-requisites for applying to the course of my choice. With no second thought I started preparing myself for the admission procedure. Not bothering about the end result, I started dusting the preparation material that was lying in my shelves for almost 10years. Days passed out and I’ve given the best of myself in the selection process. I was again lost in my routine that I almost forgot about the announcement of results when I suddenly saw an email from the b-school confirming my admission.
It was like a dream come true. I started looking at the next steps. As a part of the curriculum, I had to physically attend the classes for a week in the B-school. This made me plan for a long leave from my regular and routine office work. I started looking for tickets to travel to that place and then it struck me. The place where I had to travel is close to the temple that I am supposed to visit. That’s it. Without any further ado, I told my wife to pack the bags to the temple. I landed in Calicut airport at 2.00PM on Oct 28th. Took a taxi, drove for 3.5hrs, had the darshan of the Lord.
What can I say?! It was an experience in itself. The idol is of Lord Sri Krishna. For a second, I felt like my admission in the B-school is nothing but a blessing of the Lord! I felt like I got it as a ‘prasadam’ from the Lord. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything significant to offer HIM. I just prayed with my closed eyes and folded hands – ‘Sarve jana sukhinobhavantu’.
By the way, I got admission for executive post graduate program in Indian Institute of Management – Kozhikode. So, congrats and good luck to me! J
One more thing, I had this temple in my Wish list. I feel so contented for going there!

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