Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...this too shall pass...

I was putting a comment to 'Somebody that I used to know' and came up with this phrase "This too shall pass".  This is not my own.  I remember seeing this on the back of a car while driving to office some time back and for some reasons, this got etched on my mind. 
I put this as my FB status and here is a quick recollection of comments that I got from my friends -

Vijay:  What happened dude???
Me: Nothing rey...saw this on a car today...
Sashank:  what shall pass??
Me:  Nothing nothing...or a way, it means that nothing is permanent...everything is bound to end some day...
Sashank: nuvvu maravuraa...nuvvu naaku assalu ardham kavu...
( wont change...i can never understand you...)
I should tell you, Sashank is a very humourous guy and one of my best buddies :)

Jokes apart, this statement made so much sense to me.  Seriously.  Its such a small statement with so much of meaning.

The earth has been revolving and rotating since millions of years.  We are just a speck in this whole creation.  Nothing changed(except few astrological dimensions that doesnt bother our living).  The only constant things happening on this surface are birth and death and nothing else.  Every thing else seems to pass by no matter what.  Either you do it or you dont, it didn't matter much.
This also makes me recollect the title of the blog.  Nothing seems real except birth and death.  All the events/incidents are just happening.  And we are a part of them, playing our role without knowing the end result.
A lot has happened without our intervention and a lot will continue to happen in our absence.  Who are we to bother/worry about all this??? But then since human beings are totally and badly dependent on their emotions or thought process, what makes difference is being happy or sad.  That said, its important to be happy. 
Its more important to define happiness.  Its important to realize that our happiness doesnt depend on other people or emotions or things.  Its important to realize the fact that happiness lies inside ourselves.  It all depends on how well we understand and nurture it.  This makes me remember a dialogue from Kung Fu Panda.  Master Shifu meditating 'inner peace in...ner peace innn...nneeer peace...' :):):) 
Such a funny movie with such a meaningful dialogue.  Another master piece from this movie is 'there are no accidents' by Master Oogway.  Makes so much sense to me. 

PS:  The dots before and after the title is to represent the title itself :)

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Celebrations unlimited

Am from Andhra Pradesh, a place where holi is not a very important festival like dasara or diwali.  And hence not celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.  Very few people roam on the streets with colors on their faces and thats the end of the story.
Couple of years back, I remember surprising my cousin(Bharadwaj) with holi colors in his own place.  That was a great evening.  I had a great time with my wife, my brother, bhabhi, kids and all.

This was the only time that I remember celebrating holi.

I moved to Pune couple of years back but again, because of my roots, I didnt enjoy much on holi.

This year, it was different.
I woke up at 7.20AM.  Studied for my upcoming exams for 2hrs.  Started feeling hungry early in the morning.  So, got ready quickly and went out to grab some breakfast.  Below are pics that I captured on my way to the hotel...
Guys in the below pic are my office mates.  They forced me into the 'holi-play'.  Though it was very tempting, I reminded myself of the MBA exams and told them not to drag me into holi this time.  Good guys.  They just put a 'tikka' on my forehead, hugged me and wished me holi.

 Magarpatta city arranged holi celebrations in the gymkhana ground.  Below are few more pics that I quickly captured while walking -

 I was standing in a corner watching all the celebration.  It was so tempting to join the crowd.  I was just about to leave when my dearest buddy Yogesh came from back and dumped two fists full of color on my head.  His cousin took his turn and rubbed some more color on my face.  I didnt had a chance to look at the people doing all this(forget about stopping them from putting color).  Thats it.  I left my backpack with the security guards in an adjoining apartment, asked them to keep an eye on it for a while and joined the crowd.
Myself, Yogesh and his cousin blindly went into the crowd with fun-filled moods dancing like mad people for songs starting from chikni-chameli, appadi podu, munni, shiela, ...(list goes on and on and on).  There were so many people around screaming our names and wishing holy.  To our surprise, they were all our office mates with totally colored faces.  It took a while to recognize each one of them but nobody was bothered.  We had such a great time.  Seriously.

Lucky to shoot this.
End result:
I went home only to check that my wallet(and all the money, cards,...) are soaked up.  
It was hellova celebration this time.

There is only one way to say this:
!!!Am waiting for next HOLI!!!

P.S: Got to study for my exams now.

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