Monday, April 30, 2012

Life(as I see it)

Sunday evening around 7.00PM.
Was bored and thinking what to do.  Was driving aimlessly on the city roads.  Almost reached my place and thought of going to Amanora shopping mall just to pass the time...was least interested to shop anything...There was too much of crowd as it was a Sunday a very dull mood, i parked my bike, went through the security check and entered the mall...everyone was busy with their own attitude filled faces(including myself ;)) moving busily here and there...only difference is I was too lazy to move quickly...was dragging my feet at snail's kind of regular visitor to this mall but this time, there was something different that caught my attention.  Felt like the lazy me suddenly drank a chilled redbull.  Here is the reason(click on the pics for larger image) -

AH! My ends are met!
(The person in the pic was smiling happily looking at the prawns/fish or whatever they are...)

Why mock them? We all wear masks.

Such a romantic couple...WOW! ;)

I don't need a marble/granite flooring!


Struggle for existence

Why can't I play with my kid all time??? Am a mother damn it!

I don't have a qualification/degree and I don't need one!

adidas what???

Credit goes to Sandesh Bhandare for the pics.  He is the original photographer of these.  
I just added the comments :)
Though am not into photography, I wish I had my camera with me.  I clicked these with my phone.  These pics filled so much energy in me that I wanted to write essays about these pics sitting in the mall.  For now, am settling with captions.  :)

And my week ended with Life!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Death...

I wanted to write about this for long coz I have seen enough of'em now...
My friend passed away recently!  Youngest death I've seen so far.  We were class mates in 11th and 12th standard.  It seems he died of bone marrow...not sure if it is a cancer...but it was a painful news!  I couldn't digest the fact.  It took a while to settle down.  I was imagining the grief of his parents.  How tough would it be?!

We lame bodies talk non-sense...don't worry!  Rest in Peace My dear!

During the initial days of 3idiots' release, I had an argument with someone regarding the suicide of Joy.  He argued that 'virus' is the reason for the death.  I couldn't understand.  I replied.  Is that so?  What's wrong in 'virus' not giving an extension??? Why couldn't Joy wait for another year?  Is that such a big reason to commit suicide?  Is this what we are learning?  There are so many IITians and IIM students committing suicides these days.  Such a horrible situation we are in!

Death should be the only reason for being sad.  It is never a solution for any problem and no problem other than death is so big that you should crib.
In fact, a person should learn to overcome the problems caused by someone's death.  A person should learn to live in the absence of anyone.  A person should learn to live after the death of anyone.  Be it anyone...parents...spouse...children...friends...relatives!  I know it is easy said than done but...

How uncertain are our lives!  We never know when the time would come!
OK...not so good a post but like I said, I wanted to write about this....I may write again....a much better one this time...for now, just chill and take a look at this -

I simply loved this song!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Its a beach near Pune.  Around 185kms from the place I stay.
I went to this place last weekend with my team in office.  Its a team event sponsored by the company I work for.  We go out with family for such events periodically(as and when budget is allocated for such events).
We started at 7.00AM on Saturday(14th).  I arranged the snacks and water for the onward journey.  With the roads that were, it was more like a roller coaster ride for us.  By the time we reached the beach resort, it was around 3.00PM.

This is the view from my room.  I think I don't have to explain how pleasant that was.

We quickly grabbed some food, took a nap and went for the beach.  There were few 'first time' things that happened-
1.  I did not go into water(didn't even wet my feet) this time.  The sand was so fine and dry.  It was not sticky like other beaches that I saw.  The cool breeze was so relaxing that I walked along the beach experiencing the beauty of nature.

2.  The beach was least polluted. lolz :)
3.  Saw dolphins live in action.  Yes.  I did.  I woke up the next day at 6.30AM only for this.  Everyone else in the team were dozing off when I left the hotel.  I took the first boat available.  WOW! Its a wonderful experience to see the sexy birds of sea(thats what I want to call dolphins ;)) live in action.  Sorry I dont have pics coz they don't come out of water to give a pose for the lens and neither am I a wildlife photographer :).

It was a fantastic evening.  Sitting on the beach with no one to disturb...listening to the sound of waves...watching the sun hide himself behind the seas....a feeling in itself!

Our Sunday gave us a experience of fun mixed with adventure.  We hired a boat and went to a fort located on a small island in the Arabian sea.

It took around 1hour for us to walk around the circumference of the fort.  Its huge...very huge!  Some of them gave up and went back to the boat.

Wonder how many lives this canon might've many centuries this might've seen!!!

Thats me on the fort.

Now ain't that cool?!...I know it is! :)

And by the way, that is my best #24 LA Lakers - Kobe Bryant little upset that its getting worn out...time to buy another one...
And then there is the fantastic team -

On our way back, we figured out a better road and had a good drive!
Reached Pune on Sunday 11.00PM

A very eventful event!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Celebrating a birthday!

Sometime during my 11th I remember, I met with some incidents that made me little(ok, a little more than little) philosophical.
I was going to college and found this function hall decorated so well that I thought it would be a wedding function of a MLA/MP.  I was rather surprised after knowing that it was for a birthday party.  I started to think about it.  Are birthdays really meant for celebration in the first place?  What exactly is the reason for celebrating a birthday? Or why should a birthday be celebrated at all?  A person coming to this earth.  Is it such a big deal to celebrate???  Every creature will have a birthday, including plants.  So, why should we celebrate this day?

I didn't find a real answer.  I stopped celebrating my birthday.  I thought I will celebrate after I achieve something significant.  I achieved.  I achieved enough to celebrate (I will not quote my achievements here coz this is not my performance appraisal :P).  But now, after having a fulfilling life, I somehow don't feel like celebrating.  May be am used to this.  Or may be not.
I celebrated last 2weeks in a great way.  I had a damn good vacation.  I spent all my holiday with my family.  It went on so well.  I went to my home town after a long gap of 6months.  Enjoyed food to the max.  Went on long drives.  Had a great time in Haailand.  Exciting part is my parents also took part in this.  Though my dad had hydrophobia, we encouraged him to enter into the wave pool.  Within no time, he felt comfortable with water.  My mom swam with the help of a rope.  It was fun at its peak.
One exceptional and unplanned thing that happened was the darshan of Kanchi kamakoti peetha Sankaracarya Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamy.

Though he is no more in his physical form, his devotees could literally feel his presence.  Blessed are the ones who prepared this statue(I lose myself explaining about Swamyji.  So...will stop it here).

10Dec is my birthday.  My parents and sisters wished me.  Though I didnt celebrate in a literal sense, I had a great day.  Came to office.  Cut the cake and took my quota of bday bumps.  This is a tradition in office and nobody can escape.  All this happened as a routine.  So why am I writing all this now???
My manager just came down to my desk and gave me a gift voucher wishing me again.  It seems that it is a policy too and got delayed for some reasons.  Doesn't matter.  Am surprised with this.  And I like surprises you know!!  I stopped finding reasons to celebrate.  Now, I celebrate whenever I feel like.
Am celebrating now!! I will go to a good restaurant and have a great dinner!! :)

Bye for now!  Have a great night...sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite!! hahaha my childhood rhyme! :)

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