Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rewind or Fastfoward or Pause(play is inherent)

Some time during Jan or Feb 2006.
College annual day celebrations were about to begin and we got an announcement.  For the first time in the history of the college, the cultural committee planned for a competition among different specializations.  The winner would be felicitated with the title-Czar of College.  Myself and my best buddy(Vijay) were choosen to represent Information Technology(one of the many specializations).  I was little nervous coz I rarely participated in such competitions but I took this one(may be because Vijay was with me then).  Two participants from each specialization were called on to the stage to answer one question from the judges.  There is no second question.  No second chance.  The trick is, the participants were given 10secs each to decide their answer.

The whole college witnessed the event.

It was our turn.

Host:  Assuming your life as a music player with rewind, forward and pause buttons, which button would you choose?  As a rule, you have 10secs to think before answering and your time starts now.


Vijay to me: Lets say 'play'(tick...tick...tick...)
My response to Vijay: No wait.  Pause is a better option(tick...tick...)
Both of us agreed on 'Pause'.

Host: Time up.  Your answer is...
Myself: Our answer is "PAUSE".

Host: Why so?  Why not 'play'?
Myself: Of all the animals in this creation, humans are the only ones with capability to think before acting.  Even the competition has a rule to think for 10secs before answering.  Hence the answer.  And of course, the second action/answer is 'play'.

The whole college burst out in applause.

This is one of the most memorable moments from my college life(there are too many to share).
The question got engraved in my mind.

If I have a option to rewind and re-experience the events in my life, would I really want to relive them?  If yes, which part of my life would I like to relive?  It means, not all of'em are worth living again.
Definitely not.  I wish to have a fastforward too.  Actually fastforward is a better option.  We can finish off our lives quickly(both good and bad times) and reach the conclusion faster.
Its actually a matter of huge confusion.

The bitter truth that everybody knows is, there is neither a rewind nor a fastforward button.
Its all a mind game.

I stopped thinking.  I am only bothered about today.  This moment.  I am no saint but...

Thank you Master Oogway!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Game of balls and sticks(and holes ofcourse)

Its a well known game where
* Long sticks are preferred.
* Balls are an important part of the game.  No fun without them(mark my words).
* Holes are the targets.
* You got to bend down to achieve target.
* The satisfaction you get when you hit the target with a kadak shot(meaning a straight and hard shot) is nothing short of ecstasy.
* You can use both your hands(best chance to show off your skills of being ambidextrous though you may not be one).
* Room for a lot of creativity.  Think of your own angles and positions.
* The surface should be even and covered with a clean and soft cloth.  People, sometimes get adjusted to uneven surfaces and torn cloth too.  But its not so comfortable.
* You need apply something to the tip of the stick to keep it ready whenever required.
* Best medicine for stress.  You come out of office after a long tiring day with so much of rust in your mind and you sure feel like relaxing your mind with some nice activity.  And this is the best chimney to vent off your uneasiness/frustration/...
* Needless to say, the best physical exercise.  And as it is, you get a sound sleep after your body and mind gets what they needed.
* Most important, it is great fun for the players involved.
* Best way to call it a day after having couple of rounds of this game.  

I can sense a naughty smile on your faces.  ;););)

I hope the pic says it all!
Keep smiling friends! :):):)


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