Monday, April 13, 2015

నేల రుణం నీటి రుణం

My kind request to people who can't read or understand telugu, please don't bother about the title.  Continue reading.  By the time you complete this post, you will get a fair idea of what it means.

I have a granny and she is, hhmm..., 85+ now.  My age is half the number of years she spent with her husband.  She had seen the best days of life.  Very recently, we were having a conversation over phone and she asked me when I will vacate Pune and shift back to our home town.
I must tell you.  Pune is one of the finest cities.  I shifted to Pune a little more than 5 years back.  Time just flew by.  Five years!  Never realized its been so long.
I told my granny that when it is time, Pune will kick me out and won't even offer me a single drop of water.  She was somewhat surprised at the spontaneous usage of this telugu quotation and asked me to search for opportunities in Hyderabad seriously.  She missed me.  My family missed me.  And I missed my family too.

Unknowingly, I made Pune my home.  I left this city around 10 days back and staying with my family since then.  I have loads to talk about this city but don't know where to start.  Will try to collate my thoughts here...

First things first.  People.  I love you punekars (and non-punekars also living in this city :)).  I made some of the best friends here.  Am sure I can call them any time (even after many years) and start the conversation with 'kya bey kya chal raha hai...' :)

Secondly, adrak(ginger) and elachi chai.  The best tea I ever had.
Bhau, ek cutting chaha dya...ek dam garam...acha chalo ek samosa bhi dedo...
Badly missing my fav snacks.

Third.  Hobbies.  Pune helped me develop some of the best hobbies I had so far.

I must say, I learnt to live my life!

Two cushions before escaping a foul.  Learnt playing competitive game and am very thankful for that.

Attended some of the craziest parties ever!

Started cycling (and running too) after a long long time.

Stepped into a Gurdwara for the first time in my life.  Blissful experience it is!

And my love for animals grew to next level-
Snoopy (golden retriever) and Coco (cocker spaniel).

Now that is my first 90cm jump on Scarlett.  I can never forget him.  If I know something about horses, its only because of him.  Will miss you forever boy!

On his birthday.  Isn't he looking cute with his mane braided?  See how eager he is to eat the cake!  
Very naughty boy he is!

 I only hope I can continue this hobby forever!

Reason I say that is because, I bid goodbyes to all these amazing creatures.  I left Pune.  I left my friends back.  I left some of the best hobbies back in the city and dont know if I can continue them.  My relation with Pune had ended.

I will be traveling to some other place.  Will be meeting new people.  Kind of a new life altogether!  So excited to see what life has got in store for me...

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Blogger Amarnath Vangara said...

Sooper ..I am sure your next phase will be exciting..njoy your time with new friends and colleagues !!!

April 13, 2015 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger Ankur Mishra said...

All the best Man. Hobbies and friends always help you find yourself :)

April 13, 2015 at 8:59 AM  

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