Saturday, May 09, 2015


Not the ones we get when we are sleeping!  I ain't so intelligent to talk about'em.  This is about the dreams that we see when we are fully awake...fully conscious of ourselves...

I saw this video almost an year back...

"...y'all have to show me the fool that says: Dreams don't come true.  coz they do..."

I saw this dream 7 years back.  I only hope I won't wake up like Neo (from Matrix) and end up disappointed.  I have a lot more dreams to fulfill.  Need to work myself to make them come true.

To all those reading this, keep dreaming.  Dreams do come true but you gotta work your ass out to make them a reality.  The effort is completely worth it.  I can feel that satisfaction right now.  This moment.  It's called Triumph.


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