Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Honeymoon. Period.

Type 1:
People go on honeymoon soon after getting married.

Once this honeymoon period is over, they get back to their homes, continue working in their respective jobs and get busy with routine life.  And if both husband and wife are working, the honeymoon is over.  Literally.  Period!

Type 2:
Employees usually get a honeymoon period soon after they join a new job.  Depending on the company's policies and procedures, manager, team mates,HR,... it usually takes anywhere between 10 days to a month to settle down in a new job.

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This period is generally called as honeymoon period in a company coz once you get your computer, ID cards, access cards and desk you start getting loads of work.  So much that you get frustrated with mechanical life.  And your honeymoon period is over, yet again.  Period!

First type is something you never get bored of ;-).  I love it...who doesn't???  But the second one is really boring.  At least for me.  Am not the type of person who prefers to sit idle.  Not having anything to do is more hazardous to me.  Mind goes numb.  It is always better to have considerable load of work regularly rather than unusual loads of work at irregular intervals.

Am going through a honeymoon period now.  Don't ask me which one it is... :p

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