Saturday, August 15, 2015

Did we evolve?

According to me, the answer is a big NO.

Centuries have passed by.  This earth has seen millions of years.  Humans have evolved.  When we say 'evolved', what exactly happened.  The way of thinking changed gradually.  Mind started playing a crucial role as it provoked the species into inventing wheel and fire.  Mind taught humans about the importance of water.  People started living close to water bodies.  Man learnt to protect himself by hunting animals.  He started thinking much smarter.  From eating raw meat, he learnt to cook.  Developed a taste for food.  To what extent is he going to hunt?  For this?

Few questions:

  • You spent 55000$ for this?  Didn't you find a better way to show your pride?
  • They say you are a dentist.  Really?

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