Monday, October 12, 2015

Lessons from a chipmunk

This is cute.  Lovely.  Felt like having a pet like this.  Naughty and sweet.  I watched this over and over again.  And felt like there's a lot to learn from this small awesome video.

We gotta have goals.
Be focused on'em.
Road ahead is quite bumpy.
It involves dangers.
It's risky.  Take calculated risks.
Assess your risk taking capability.
Never under estimate yourself(being over confident is hazardous too).
You will lose confidence.  You will hesitate. You will back out.
But never given up.
And most importantly, don't put too much trust into people around you.  You never know when you have to regret.  Did you notice how this little fellow ran away after grabbing his food?!

Felt quite refreshing after watching this!


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